How do you want to die and where?

golden room advocates - caring hands
This is the one poignant question we each need to ask our self.
With the answers we are moving to ensure a good death for all. Let's promise this to all elderly, chronically ill and the next generations. The passion continues to grow as the awareness of how to implement expands.
Golden Rooms introduce the next level in the evolution of hospice and palliative care. First let's shift the attitude and consciousness. All death becomes a sacred process deserving of compassion, dignity and beautiful surroundings. Golden Rooms are dedicated places for those within a week or two of dying.
Shifting the attitude and consciousness results in the ability to:
As dedicated places for imminent end of life, Golden Rooms have many advantages including:
Within a generation the feeling will be:
“How did we ever manage without Golden Rooms?”
Advancing a good death  
More than 40 years have passed since the idea of hospice was introduced to the United States. A good death is still experienced by only a minority.
As the number of elderly and those with multiple chronic conditions continue to balloon, the issue of a good death becomes ever more urgent.
Consider these projections for 2050:
All of these people will eventually die. We must have new, expanded and better settings for that to occur. To meet this growing need Golden Rooms are proposed. They can exist in nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospitals, and as free-standing dedicated end-of-life centers.
The sterile, impersonal acute care environment, filled with loud machinery, invasive tubes and rushing personnel can become a ghost of the past.
Envision Golden Rooms:
Changing the consciousness  
There are many inner gifts that begin to show up as we more consciously pay attention to our life and how it is flowing.
Five gifts are poignant in a good death:
Each represents an important attribute underlying a consciousness that moves us beyond the fear and numbness of the finality of physical death. This shift in consciousness is fundamental not only to transcend death; but also, to be truly alive in our present life.
Without this shift in consciousness we remain stuck in our past experiences and can learn nothing more. This often means living a life of quiet desperation rather than enjoying the fullness of life that our Creator intended for us.
These inner gifts enrich our lives with a deepening understanding of life. Attempting to define them would put them in a box. This stops our self-discovery and limits the fullness of our lives. Let's not lead our lives based on someone else's definitions and ideas. Let's discover for ourselves the deeper meaning - the significance of these gifts.
Costs of dying  
How to implement  
Golden Rooms began as an idea. Now it is time to put the physical foundation underneath that idea. Health care professionals are in a unique position to create change within the health care system. Keegan and Drick's end of life book discusses the steps to begin this process. A few examples are given here.

These concepts are expanded upon in our books. See our products page.