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End of Life

The Golden Room: A Practical Guide for Death with Dignity (2013)
By Keegan & Drick

Knowledge is comfort. The more we know about death and dying, the more comfortable we become. Knowing doesn't take the sting of loss and sadness away. Knowing does help us to prepare so everyone can move through death and dying with a higher degree of comfort and understanding. This book was written to do just that. The book was written to give you comfort. It provides guidance and information so you can prepare for either your loved one's death or your own.

Mother Stories by Carole Ann Drick

End of Life

End of Life: Nursing Solutions to Death with Dignity (2011)
New York: Springer Publishing Company
By Keegan & Drick

Golden Rooms are articulated in a new book by two leaders in the holistic health movement. Lynn Keegan and Carole Ann Drick describe how nurses, in particular, can help create a more compassionate, gentle and soothing end-of-life standard of care. The book has received two prestigious 2011 Book of the Year Awards by the American Journal of Nursing in the areas of hospice/palliative care and gerontology.

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Reviews and what people are saying:
"This book is a gem. It is a rare balance of an interesting read with an incredible integration of factual information. I intend to share it in my long term care circles...A wonderful contribution!"
-Charlotte Eliopoulos, RN, MPH, PhD
Executive Director
American Association for Long Term Care Nursing
"Every once in a long while a short, succinct book comes along that awakens our senses and motivates us to action. This is one such book. It cuts right to the chase to offer a new, innovative change for an old, outmoded rite of passage."
-Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN
Co-Director, Nightingale Initiative for Global Health, Canada and Virginia
Director, Holistic Nursing Consultants, New Mexico
"End of Life is an uplifting, lyrical orchestration celebrating the end of life, right down to the last note. This book eases fears and paints a beautiful picture of good death realities. Keegan and Drick compassionately open doors to novel ideas and explorations celebrating that death is not a hush hush topic. It needs to be embraced, honored with dignity, and regarded as the last phase of a life well-lived. This is a book that will benefit all who want to live their best life until their last breath. How you and your family can lovingly plan and understand before you get there. It fans fresh air on death and dying our best death. A must read for everyone."
-Judy Krings, Ph.D., CMC, PCC
Psychologist and author of Photo Adventures in Cuba

Mother Stories

Mother Stories: through our mother's death and dying (2008)
By Carole Ann Drick

The heart of Mother Stories invites the reader into the world beyond form and to begin realizing the priceless gifts received in our mothers' death and dying. Written by women brave enough to move past their grief, these women discover the deeper gifts that only their mother could impart to them through her death and dying. The message is clear – there is more to life than what is apparent to the physical eye. These stories light the way to experience our inner wisdom and truth of being.

Mother Stories by Carole Ann Drick

Reviews and what people are saying:
"Mothers give many gifts during a lifetime, but these writers find that the giving continued, even after their mothers' deaths. ... While these essays differ somewhat in their style and circumstance, they are all rooted in spiritual explanation... each woman writes of the peace, love, well-being and true communion they reached as a result of their mothers' deaths."
-Kirkus Discoveries
"I received Mother Stories yesterday and spent all day reading it from cover to cover and shedding a lot of tears along the way. I enjoyed the book immensely and could so identify with the descriptions of your mother! She sounds a lot like mine in many ways. I could empathize with your responses, as they too, are similar to mine. What a pleasant surprise! Thanks again, the book is a wonderful read."
-Karen Reese RN, MA, CHTP Nebraska
"Reviewing the different stories of each author mothers' life and death started me to think of my own mother's life and her death... this is a wonderful way to heal and to pass a gift of love to family and friends... this book allows others the opportunity to revisit the life and death of someone close to them and to even bring closure to their relationships. I feel empowered, renewed, recharged, and motivated to also take a look at the life and story of my mother as well. I salute each of you."
-Alice J. Brown, Sr. Minister
Living Truth Center for Better Living, Inc.


Meditation Beginnings

Meditation: beginnings
Contemporary meditations celebrating deepening awareness and Presence in daily life.

These five meditations are based on Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of NOW", recorded live with Carole Ann Drick in Nashville, TN.


from words to Power

from words to POWER... discovering the power beneath affirmative prayer treatment
Move deeper into powerful prayer by increasing your energy awareness.

Tracks 1-3 take you deeper into the power behind the 5 steps.
Track 4 is a rare glimpse into the perceptions during a spoken prayer treatment.
Tracks 5- 20 are powerful affirmative prayers that can be played again and again to assist you on your life's journey.

Deepening Stillness

Deepening Stillnesss
Deeper than our conscious mind is a place within that knows vast stillness…

Inspired by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Carole Ann gently guides you in timeless truths to feed our soul’s expression through profound meditation.


PRESENCE …how to make the shift
Now is the time to weave present moment awareness into the fabric of your life and begin living Presence in all aspects of your life.

Join Carole Ann on this 2 CD set and begin to increase present moment awareness and move in the timeless now. The missing element is attention to that quality of relaxed alertness. Through practice begin to sharpen and sustain your inner alertness and discover the results… clarity, health, joy, creativity.
Recorded live at First Sunday, An Institute of Noetic Sciences Community Group in Nashville, Tennessee.